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Steam Sauna

The herbs that are dissolved into the steam, are absorbed by the skin and the respiratory system and they solved a benefic action over the full body.
Thanks to the healthy combination between humidity and warmth, the organism can relax and the muscular strain decreases.
The warm steam pass through the body's tissues increasing the blood's flowing to all the internal organs and so it starts a healthy and beneficent process.
The steam bath is optimal versus:
- rheumatic pains
- muscle's jerks
- metabolism's problems
- blood's flowing problems
- menstruals pains
- colds
- bronchitis & catharr
- allergies
- skin's impurity


This pleasant environment offers a well crafted blend of soothing natural elements. High temperature, gentle steam, stimulating scents, the minerals and trace elements of 100% pure essential oils, mood enhancing light effects, and meditative, calming music boost your immune system, cleanse your respiratory tracts and help detoxify the entire body.
The careful composition of harmonious colours has a positive effect on your organism. Blue light has a calming effect, relieves nervous disorders, sleeplessness, restlessness and anxiety. Green light relieves pain, soothes, relaxes and revitalizes. Yellow light stimulates the appetite and liver function. Red light has a beneficial effect on the heart, lungs and muscles.
The overall effect of the Vitarium is calming and soothing for mind, body and spirit. You will experience a new sense of well-being. After this feast for all senses you will see the world in a new light and feel completely restored.


Sauna (Fabula, Naturalia, Stubensauna)
With its changing stimuli of high and low temperatures, the sauna offers mintl and physical relaxation, creates a variety sensations, boosts performance and helps release waste products and toxins from the body. The entire cardiovascular system as well as other metabolic functions greatly benefit from sauna therapy.

Effects of the warm-up phase
- rise in body temperature (skin +10 degrees, core +1 degree)
- increased metabolic rate in the skin as an organ
- perspiration
- detoxification
- normalisation of blood pressure
- increased blood supply to the skin
- relaxing effect on the muscular system and psyche

Effects Of The Cool-down Phase
- normalisation of body temperatures
- oxygen saturation of the blood
- stimulation of kidney function
- calming effect on heart rate
- increased peripheral blood circulation
- mintl stimulation
- sensation of being refreshed

Overall Effects
- cleansing the skin, skincare and stimulating cell regeneration
- boosting the immune system
- cardiovascular stimulation and adaptation
- stimulating the pituitary and adrenal gland systems
- harmonizing the vegetative nervous system for general well being

Emotional Showers

Taking a shower is not a water’s jet; with our showers it becomes a pleasant and wellness sensationAdjustable water jets, vertical, lateral, normal and with the same effect of a massage/eco jet, drizzle, country rain, rain shower, scented shower, inspiring fragrances, pleasant lighting. All this makes our showers and shower cabins high performance, multi talent , guaranteed by the Hofer quality
The rivitalizing shower avoids the stress, helps to relax and it is always very pleasant with his natural fragrances. The combination between the fragrances and and coloured lights effects will take you in another dimension where body and soul meet each other to create a pleasant wellness

Warming bench

It represents the ideal completion of the Beauty and Wellness Area, with its ergonomic and charming shape.
Once you try at least one time the warming bench, it will be hard to do without , the well being sensation and total relax is practically unique.
The warmth sorrounds your body going from down to up starting from the legs and the back. The musculature can relax and the blood circulation is stimulated in a sweet way